For the past several months, we have encouraged faith communities to join us, and you’ve come through! Though many congregations are holding their Health Justice Sabbath this weekend, some have taken the message of health justice for all beyond this weekend–and beyond traditional congregational worship. First Presbyterian Church Jacksonville brought health justice to the tables of their soup luncheon to engage people from around the city in a discussion about health justice.

They shared:

We have a fall soup luncheon to benefit the HOPE center here in Jacksonville. Churches bring soup and everybody gets to eat as much soup as they want for the entrance fee and the whole community is welcomed.

Our event was Nov. 13 this year and our attendance was about 350-400.

We printed a quiz on “what do you know about health care” on 11X17 paper and used them as placemats on the tables, with questions on the front and answers on the back. Some of the questions pertained to our county (Cherokee) but it is easily adaptable for others.

Thanks to First Presbyterian Jacksonville for sharing their innovative way of engaging the community in a conversation about health justice that is Above Politics. They have provided a copy of their resource as an example to faith communities for how to engage their community.