Prayers from the Islamic tradition:

Abraham prayed, β€œ(God) is the One who created me and He is the One who guided me. He is the one who feeds and gives me to drink and when I am sick, he heals me…” (al-Quran, 26: 78 – 80)

Prayers to recite for someone who is sick:

I ask Allah the Great, the Lord of the great throne, to cure you. (Hadith: Prophet Muhammad)

Remove the ailment, O Cherisher of the People, heal, for only You can heal. There is no cure except Your cure. (Hadith: Prophet Muhammad)

Prayer for Oneself

O Allah enlighten my heart, my tongue, my hearing, my sight, and enlighten the path behind me and in front of me, above me and below me. O Allah grant me light. (Hadith: Prophet Muhammad)

Submitted by:
Mohamed-Umer Esmail (Shaikh Umer)
Resident Scholar and Imam of Nueces Mosque