A prayer from the United Methodist tradition:

Great Physician who is beside and with us always we thank you for the gift that is life today.  We thank you for the healing example of Jesus in scriptures.  We thank you for the healing tradition of your church.  A church that has built hospitals, founded colleges, and told the world that the health of every person matters in your Kingdom.

When we look around we see a broken world and far too few people have access to the tools of healing and recovery that you have blessed us with.  Help us to know how to reach out, create change, and heal the lost and the least in Texas.  Sickness, pain, and mental illness can sap the hope of even the bravest person.

Lord be with us and show us how to bring the tools of healing to everyone.  We cannot do this alone, we need you every step of the way, every day, every moment.  Help us know how to share the love and hope of your Kingdom through the medical miracles that are at our fingertips.

Thank you that you journey before, behind, and in front of us on this mission.

In your holy name,

Travis N Burdett
First United Methodist Church
Grand Prairie